Friday, 22 April 2011

deaR friEnds...

wE neeD memOries..
Not to wEep oVer bUt thouGhts to pOnder...
We neEd lauGtheR..
we Need cHeers..
we hAd theM alL tHese yEars..
But liFe iZ a raCe..
wHich Runs aT a faSt pAce...
i woulD miSz alL thoSe cheerS..
wE haD duRinG thoSe nauGHty yeAr..
buT oUr memoRise wouLd liFe ForeveR..
tHe eNtirEs GosSips aNd tesT maRk..
wOnderFul paRties aNd craZy LaugHt..
woulD Be DrowNed bY curRenTs oF tiMe..
The GreateSt kinDness...
wE cAn ofFer eAch otHer iZ..

...senantiasa bersama...

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